The 5 E's to Generate More Qualified B2B Sales Leads

Posted by George Irish on June 1, 2015


The marketing team knows that sales is the name of the game, and the bottom line is, well, the bottom line. It begins and ends with bringing on and keeping customers. This end goal is the reason marketing should always be striving to generate more qualified B2B sales leads.

When you are in the trenches to gain awareness, fighting against your competition, here are 5 compelling ways to be successful in using marketing automation to increase your lead list, and ultimately gain more business.

Energize your content. In today's world, B2B buyers research products and services online before they speak to a human sales person. Savvy marketers who create valuable content that sets their company apart as the industry leader will be more likely to attract them earlier in the process. Once a lead has read your blog or downloaded your eBook, you can begin campaigning to get them on your bandwagon.

Establish CTAs that cannot be ignored. Powerful calls to action move the buyer forward. Invest a great deal of thought into calls to action that will prompt prospects to click. The right CTAs in the right places are great ways to generate more qualified B2B sales leads.

Engage with leads. Go where your prospects find information, and engage with them. Whether it's social media pages, trade shows, industry associations, or all of the above, engagement results in more clients.

Empower your prospects. Give them information on how your company can assist in streamlining their process and lowering their costs. Don't just throw out features of your products and business, it must be related to their particular situation. People want to hear about themselves, not you (no offense, we are sure you are fabulous).

Examine your analytics. In order to generate more qualified B2B sales leads, the marketing team must understand what is working and what is flopping. Frequent assessment of the marketing campaigns is integral to the overall success of attracting leads and bringing business. Keep track of the factors that go into a successful campaign and think of ways to incorporate that ingredient into your other strategies.

By taking these 5 E's to heart and implementing them into your marketing plan, you will be able to generate more qualified B2B sales leads, increase conversion rates, and ultimately win the war against your competitors!

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