The Bacon And Eggs Of Marketing: CRM and Marketing Automation for B2B Lead Generation

Posted by George Irish on June 9, 2015


Perfect pairs are often more significant than the sum total of each individual component standing alone. Bacon and eggs is an example.

In the marketing world, a CRM and marketing automation is a powerful pair.

When a company is striving for B2B lead generation, an integration with the CRM and marketing automation can be a powerful tool that can simplify marketing processes and generate qualified B2B leads.

Why does a CRM and a marketing automation system work so much better together than alone? Here are 4 reasons:

#1: Nurtures leads easier. A marketing automation platform integrated with a CRM allows marketing to access fresh data from the CRM and use it in their automated campaigns. This is a powerful B2B lead generation process that makes it easier and less-time consuming to reach leads with powerful messages.

#2: Builds marketing/sales alignment. B2B lead generation is exponentially more successful if marketing and sales are aligned in their goals. An integration between a company's CRM and marketing automation platform provides both teams a more transparent look at the marketing and sales activities, creating a 'we are in this together' working environment.

#3: Provides more in-depth analytics. Campaigns that originate in the marketing automation platform will tie back to the CRM, which allows for direct measurement of won sales to be included in marketing's ROI. This gives a clearer picture of the success of marketing initiatives that can be shared with the C-suite.

#4: Results in great message effectiveness. Being able to segment lead lists effectively and get a specific message out will entice your lead to take action. CRMs and automated marketing platform integration enable marketers to segment lists better, so the message gets to the people who will find it valuable. It's a more pinpointed approach to automated marketing campaigns. In addition, after the message is sent, sales has access to how the message was received, which leads opened and clicked on the information.

CRMs and a company's marketing automation systems will play a more productive role in B2B lead generation than either of the platforms operating alone. By establishing an integration between the two, marketing and sales can create stronger alignment, generate qualified B2B leads, and increase company sales.

So scramble up some eggs, fry up some bacon, and toast to perfect pairs!

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