The Cold, Hard Truth About Hubspot Cost

Posted by George Irish on November 3, 2015


Decision makers in the market for an inbound platform no doubt examine HubSpot sooner or later. Eventually online research leads to the marketing tool with the crazy name.

Before potential clients comprehend the platform and how it can exponentially grow their business, they ask the universal question "What does HubSpot cost?" We will admit it was even one of our first questions when Strategis embarked on the inbound platform search.

The answer is, it depends. HubSpot's pricing is like everything else about HubSpot: flexible, adaptable, and specific. The company's premise is each company and each buyer is unique, and their pricing reflects that.

Information that pinpoints your HubSpot cost follows. 

How far along are you on your inbound marketing initiatives?

A company that hasn't traipsed through the inbound marketing garden is quite different from one who has the main framework in place. How much knowledge does your team possess about inbound? What type of time investment can you commit to it? Nailing down where marketing is in the process of building a successful inbound program helps make the decision easier.

What do you need it to do?

If marketing needs basic inbound support with SEO, landing page templates, and social media monitoring, the first tier of HubSpot pricing, appropriately named "Basic," may fit the bill. However businesses who demand a more fully automated, robust system of smart calls-to-action, A/B testing, and advanced analytics might opt for the two more expensive tiers, either the "Professional" or "Enterprise." Decide up front on the specific actions and corresponding results you need the platform to accomplish.

How big is your current and expected contact base?

The three tiers support a wide range of contacts, and this is a good way to narrow down which tier of service and related HubSpot pricing you need to focus on. The Basic subscription handles 100 contacts, the Professional 1000, and the Enterprise supports 10000. Think carefully about your current clients, prospects, and leads, as this information is key in deciding which HubSpot subscription to pursue.

Once you focus in on your main inbound marketing needs and take stock of your contact base, the HubSpot pricing and which subscription best fits your needs will become clearer. We know, because we have examined and made the decision.

No matter your company size, the HubSpot cost is well worth it, as it serves to energize your inbound initiatives and forge new, profitable customer relationships.


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