The Importance of Ad Agencies for Credit Unions

Posted by Lindsay Borgen on December 9, 2014

Inbound marketing offers many advantages over traditional outbound marketing techniques. In order for credit unions to stay ahead of the game in today’s ever-changing advertising scene, a solid inbound marketing strategy must be employed and consistently maintained. Ad agencies for credit unions provide marketing solutions that drive brand awareness, an increase in customers and customer loyalty.

The idea behind inbound marketing is to generate meaningful and useful content that draws potential customers to your products and services. This content is published and promoted through a blog, social media accounts, podcasts, webinars and more. Inbound marketing aims to attract users during the right time in their search and provide them with the information they are looking for to create warm leads. Outbound or traditional marketing requires the use of paid advertisements in such forms as TV commercials, mailers or print ads. This form of marketing can be disruptive, irrelevant or intrusive and, in many cases can drive customers away from your product instead of attracting them. Additionally, inbound marketing is much more cost efficient than outbound marketing, which requires expensive ad space, huge volumes of physical mailers or commissioned sales staff. Maintaining blogs and social media profiles that have a higher rate of success in attracting and retaining customers is much more cost effective.


Credit unions can benefit from the correct use of inbound marketing techniques because many users evaluating credit union products conduct research prior to making a commitment. For example, a short commercial advertising IRAs on TV may not provide the user with enough information about the benefits of opening an IRA account at your credit union. In contrast, a series of informative blog posts about saving for retirement at an early age, how IRAs work, different IRA options, and projections on how much money can be saved over time will make customers feel empowered and more comfortable committing to your IRA offerings.

Ad agencies for credit unions can effectively drive warm leads and promote your products and services by utilizing inbound marketing techniques effectively. The quality of inbound marketing relies on constant streams of useful, engaging and attention-grabbing information that is easy to find. An ad agency will provide plans, strategies, superior marketing content, ongoing optimization of inbound marketing platforms and comprehensive reporting. The most effective way for a credit union to reach its target customer base and increase its marketing ROI is to employ an ad agency that develops and manages inbound marketing strategies for new audiences.

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