The Savvy Marketer's Ten Commandments of Online Lead Generation

Posted by George Irish on July 21, 2015


Online lead generation contains many vital moving parts, and if any of them fails to functions, it can derail the campaign's performance and success. Whether creating lead generation initiatives from scratch or revitalizing ones that have not produced enough ROI, it's imperative for CMOS to give thought to each aspect of the plan. Here are the savvy marketer's ten commandments of online lead generation for success.

#1: Thou shalt love and adore your leads. The overall concept of online lead generation is attracting more leads. Never lose site of the overall goal, and aim each action to reach it.

#2: Thou shalt create a sense of urgency in your messaging. "Limited time offer" and "limited space available" creates value and inspires action. Leverage the offer this way to capture more leads than a simple ongoing offer with no deadline.

#3: Thou shalt point out others are using it with success. Statistics and other well-researched numbers allow your buyers to see the  proof behind your claims.

#4: Thou shalt put brain power into producing the perfect title. Enticing, even humorous, titles draw readers. Commit significant resources to make your titles awesome.

#5: Thou shalt offer each buyer's stage something special. Don't leave your leads hanging! Guide your buyer through the process, offering a high value piece of content at each stage.

#6: Thou shalt not bore the audience. Long technical blog posts or, yikes, rambling on about your company's features turns the audience off. Create content that solves their pain points or offers solution that streamlines their processes. They care about their needs, not yours.

#7: Thou shalt create powerful calls-to-action. Clear, smartly located calls-to-action convert more traffic into leads.

#8: Thou shalt not lose the lead because of confusing landing pages. Design concise, informative landing pages that lay out the offer in a simple but powerful manner.

#9: Thou shalt use forms to your advantage. Create forms that make it easy and low risk for leads to share their information.

#10: Thou shalt not ignore analytics. Measuring the success of marketing initiatives builds the best roadmap for attaining long-term online lead generation success. Designate key performance indicators and review them after each campaign to gain knowledge of the ROI of each project.

Executing compelling online lead generation requires planning, implementation, and analysis. Marketers who focus on honing these ten commandments will minimize their chances of losing quality leads and maximize their ROI.

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