Think Hubspot Pricing Is Beyond Your Budget? Five Ways It Pays for Itself

Posted by George Irish on September 4, 2015


Marketers that know their stuff never stop looking for ways to streamline their processes and get more out of their resources. Many turn to marketing platforms to organize and execute content creation.

But those take money.

If you want to use Hubspot for inbound campaigns, but are afraid the Hubspost pricing will make your eyes bug out, think about this: content is one of the most efficient, cost effective ways to gain generate more qualified B2B sales leads. Hubspot pricing may look steep on the front end, but here are five ways the inbound content platform ends up paying for itself.

Inbound training opportunities.

Hubspot offers expansive training opportunities. Learn how to identify your buyer persona, create content for each sales cycle, and leverage social media for maximum message distribution. Hubspot pricing is small compared to the education your marketing team will receive with the purchase.

Ease of content creation.

Hubspot walks the user through planning, creating, and sharing content. It guides the writer on how to add keywords, images, and links to leverage their efforts with organic searching. Taking advantage of the system to streamline your branding message, create automated workflows, and set social media posting saves time and results in great return on investment (ROI).

Greater audience reach.

Anyone can hammer out a blog post, but it's worthless if it garners no attention. The Hubspot platform provides marketing with a way to distribute the content widely through email distribution, social sharing, automated workflows, all included in Hubspot pricing.

HIgher conversion rates. 

Hubspot's simple call-to-action creation tool, forms, and landing page templates make information gathering and lead conversion a breeze. Hit the ground running with just a little effort on your team's part, and see ROI quicker than going it alone.

Provides dynamic metrics.

A big stumbling block with marketing is accurately measuring performance, and Hubspot understand this. Multiple reports are readily available to measure your campaigns' success.  From blog reads, to social media reach, to conversion rates, Hubspot provides easy-to-understand key performance indicators (KPI's) that can be separated by date range and campaign.

While Hubspot pricing may seem expensive, when it's broken down, it's a bargain. It saves many man hours, creates stronger organic search recognition, offers easy content development and distribution, and computes powerful marketing analytics. The initial investment will pay for itself many times over!

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Generate Qualified B2B Leads

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Generate Qualified B2B Leads
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