Thinking You Need to Replace HubSpot? Consider This First!

Posted by George Irish on December 1, 2015


If you took the plunge, got past the HubSpot pricing, and invested in the platform, things are fantastic, right? Well, maybe not.

Despite HubSpot's robust inbound marketing platform, there are a variety of ways the initial plan of energizing your marketing efforts can careen off track. Other project demands, trade show season, management changes, and lack of time to train are a few of the hurdles that trip up full efforts of getting the most out of HubSpot.

Before marketing throws in the towel and decides HubSpot pricing was a waste and they want to replace HubSpot with another platform, it's critical to consider these three questions.


Was a full effort made to make it a success? Rather than grousing "We need to replace HubSpot because it just doesn't work for us," examine the true picture. Did marketing commit to training on the system, and were the facets correctly put to use? If the answers are no or not really, then it pays to give HubSpot a renewed commitment.

Do you still see benefits of the platform? If your company could still stand to improve its lead conversion, create higher quality content, and build a stronger social media presence, chances are you still need an inbound marketing platform. Don't start from scratch with another platform! You have already covered the initial HubSpot pricing, so look for strategic ways to still get ROI out of the system.

Would your inbound campaigns benefit from a digital agency? If you are kicking around the idea you need to replace HubSpot, STOP and call a professional inbound digital agency. Whether it's additional training or complete system management, a marketing agency will steer you back on track. Consult with experienced inbound marketers to see if they can get you off the "hump" of the growing pains from traditional marketing to a successful inbound strategy full of high qualified leads.

If your HubSpot investment isn't performing how you had hoped, don't replace HubSpot. Think carefully about the effort that was made to integrate the system and, if your company would still benefit from additional lead generation, contact a digital agency to assist. Taking these steps is instrumental in leveraging the HubSpot platform to create successful inbound campaigns and maximize ROI.



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