Three Companies That Win at Increasing B2B Revenue Growth Strategies

Posted by George Irish on March 23, 2015


The Internet completely changed the way companies handle their marketing. Instead of traditional outbound marketing techniques that involve companies chasing down sales leads, B2B revenue growth strategies now focus on their customers finding them, a technique called inbound marketing. How does this work to generate qualified B2B leads in the ever-changing arena of inbound marketing? Check out the techniques that the following three companies cleverly used to help their customers find them, and, in the process, boost their sales.


Of course, this provider of networking solutions that run the gamut from webinar software to routers has an informative website that pops, but they take their B2B revenue growth strategies one step further. As an extension of their Internet presence, Cisco also has a YouTube channel that is filled with educational and practical tutorials and videos that are designed to help their customers learn about networking solutions. And they do this without trying to sell a thing. It's purely for informational purposes. Cisco also makes it easy to connect with the company via social media from their YouTube channel.


Intercom uses their rich and deep blog posts to explain some of the questions that puzzle its customers. They are updated frequently and are full of the type of information that shows just how carefully COO Des Traynor and his teammates brainstorm ideas to devise solutions for web businesses. These are businesses that need a messaging and customer relationship management tool and Intercom uses its blog posts as opportunities for approaching these vexing business problems. Featuring a tangible solution that can be implemented by today's businesses, their blog posts are full of explanations and useful data.

GE Aviation

GE Aviation takes the "build it and they will come" concept to new heights. Using a vibrant social media presence, their focus is on their close-knit community of followers that includes 4K fans on Facebook and 16,000 on Twitter. Affectionately referring to their fans as AVGeeks, the company has a fluid exchange of information between itself and its community. GE Aviation also takes great pains to share content from outside sources that they think might benefit or be of interest to their community.

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