Three Key Benefits of Adding IP Targeting to Direct Mail Campaigns

Posted by George Irish on December 12, 2016


Reaching qualified leads easier, with less of a financial investment sounds too good to be true right? Not so! IP targetingreturns robust results at a fraction of the cost of other online advertising options.

What is IP targeting? It is the marketing strategy of pinpointing a potential buyer's computer IP address, and then sending them ads specifically designed to get their attention. By adding IP targeting to direct marketing campaigns, companies can leverage their message to specific leads faster than ever.

Here are three key benefits of adding IP targeting to direct mail campaigns.


#1: It's as accurate as direct mail.

Targeting your prospect's IP address is the electronic version of marketing through direct mail in the non-virtual world. It is effective, reaching your target better than banner ads ever could.

#2: There is less waste.

With other online advertising, most of the impressions are wasted on people who would never buy from you. It's not that way with IP targeting. Based on their exact geographic location, your advertising message meets its mark more efficiently.

#3: It delivers a powerful one-two punch.

Direct mail and campaigns targeting specific IP addresses create an elevated message to your target audience. Advertising to the same people in both the real and the virtual world serves up a greater chance of getting noticed, gaining a greater number of hot leads, and leading them more successfully through your sales cycle. These advertising efforts function much greater together than alone.

Marketers need to sit up and take note that IP targeting needs to be a key ingredient in modern direct mail campaigns. By investing a bit of resources and effort into merging the two advertising platforms, companies are better able to drive their message to the people most likely to be interested in making a purchasing decision.

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