Tons of Positive Eloqua, Marketo, and Hubspot Reviews...Which One Fits You?

Posted by George Irish on October 22, 2015


Deciding which inbound marketing platform is best for your specific business is daunting, but take heart! If you are looking, you have already made the biggest decision, which is to work with an automated platform for your inbound initiatives.

Dozens of positive reviews and recommendations exist on each of the platforms, from Eloqua recommendations to Marketo raves, to Hubspot reviews. Who knows who is writing them, and if they are legit? Instead of reaching your decision based on reviews, leverage what the reviewers say along with the facts.

It's no secret we think Hubspot is the reigning champ, and here are four unarguable reasons why:

Terrific training.

No other inbound platform offers the in-depth training Hubspot provides. Reading Hubspot reviews quickly shows how helpful the training is in decreasing the learning curve and getting inbound initiatives moving faster.

Colossal content creation.

Hubspot's content creation tools empower marketing teams to lay out, create, and distribute relevant content to their target audience. Topic generation, keyword help, and meta description reminders are all built in to Hubspot's content creation. No other inbound platform is more intuitive, or makes it easier to churn out consistent, enticing content.

Lavish lead generation.

Once the content is distributed, some platforms fail to help convert leads. Not so with Hubspot. Easy to implement calls-to-action, powerfully designed landing pages, and robust form fills serve to increase conversion rates and drive sales.

Remarkable reporting.

The component of marketing most often swept under the rug is analytic review. Hubspot's full suite of reporting tools make it simple to process a campaign's level of success within moments. Drill down into the performance with click rates, open rates, and form completions. Avoid spending hours pouring over difficult to access metrics by taking advantage of Hubspot.

Shopping for an inbound marketing platform that will result in strong ROI is a challenging process. While product reviews are helpful, taking into account each one's specific offerings and how they boost your business is vital in reaching the right decision. If you need assistance, an experienced digital agency can offer priceless guidance in your search for the perfect inbound platform.


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