Top 5 Reasons Why Companies Utilize B2B Direct Marketing this Summer

Posted by George Irish on July 9, 2015


Ah, summertime! We all begin to enjoy the longer days, warm breezes, refreshing pools, and direct marketing.

Wait! What?

You may not automatically add direct marketing to your list of summertime ponderings, but you should! Anytime is a good time to begin or enhance B2B direct marketing efforts. So, between your next round of sunscreen and dip in the pool, let us tell you why.

#1: It works. According to, "in 2014, email marketing was cited as the most effective digital marketing channel for customer retention in the United States." Direct marketing engages your audience while promoting your product and service to buyers who are ready to purchase.

#2: It's easily available. B2B direct marketing doesn't require hiring or training anyone. Your current staff, with the help of a professional marketing agency, can implement the strategy with a little planning and follow through. A tiny investment will next big revenue increases.

 #3: It saves time. Companies need to catch buyers before they make a decision. B2B direct marketing accomplishes this by allowing you to stay in front of your targeted client in a non-threatening manner, with the aim to decrease the sales cycle time.

#4: It saves money. Direct marketing brings strong results with little investment, especially when compared to other marketing initiatives. Reaching and engaging with leads via direct marketing costs almost nothing if you know how to lay out the plan and execute it properly.

#5: It bolsters other efforts. If life were a sandbox, B2B direct marketing would be the most popular kid, because it plays so well with others. Inbound marketing efforts benefit greatly when used with direct marketing strategies, and companies net greater results when employing both.

Even experienced CMOs should note that an agency that specializes in B2B direct marketing can always assist in streamlining your long-term processes and building more powerful targeted campaigns.

Enjoy your warm, hopefully relaxing summer. And remember, the best time to add direct marketing to your B2B growth strategies is now! Your fall and winter revenue will surely thank you for it.

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