Top Five Reasons to Hire an Ad Agency for Your Bank's Marketing

Posted by Lindsay Borgen on March 28, 2017

Marketing and customer acquisitions are extremely important in the ever-competitive banking industry. Besides, marketing can be very complex and involved, especially for banks that have so many other duties and objectives to fulfill. Working with an agency can help bring your bank's marketing to the next level and create more impact on your bottom line. Below are the top five reasons to hire an ad agency to handle your bank’s marketing efforts.


Hiring an Agency is Cost-Efficient
Marketing requires industry knowledge, research abilities, and design, production and execution of multiple strategies. Hiring an ad agency gives the bank access this top-level advertising talent under one roof and at a much lower cost than having that talent as full time bank employees – as it is free of internal marketing department overhead.

Offers a Complete Marketing Strategy Solution
There are so many ways of reaching out to your target audiences, and it is important to choose the right strategies for certain target markets. Your bank may be familiar with only a few strategies; however, an ad agency will have tried and tested marketing strategies to implement based on targets and can create and implement a full overall marketing strategy that drives your bank.

Cutting Edge Digital Strategies & Analytics
A good marketing agency will have the technology to facilitate comprehensive reporting and analytics on all the bank’s marketing efforts, including budget allocation, cost of customer acquisition and monitoring of individual campaigns. These digital strategies allow your bank to remain objective and impartial in marketing decisions and reporting, and also allow your bank to prove ROI on marketing efforts.

Allows Your Bank to Focus on Core Functions
Brainstorming and segmenting target markets is a time-consuming undertaking that can distract the bank from focusing on its core business functions and building customer relationships. Therefore, entrusting this daunting task to an ad agency allows your bank to concentrate on what it can do best.

Brings New Perspective & Outside Knowledge
An internal marketing team may be susceptible to group think, whereby the individual employees put aside their rich and diverse opinions in favor of group beliefs about the bank’s marketing issues. This can be harmful because marketing requires adoption of different perspectives in order fully simulate the reasoning of the target audience. However, hiring an ad agency helps the bank to acquire some outside perspectives.

Marketing a bank is a sensitive and involving process and having the help of experienced marketers can help! Listen to these top five reasons to hire an ad agency and read our eBook about proving marketing ROI to see if the decision is right for you!

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