How to Identify Fake Social Selling Consultants

Posted by George Irish on March 16, 2017

With the advent of social media platforms, social selling emerged as one of the strategies for carrying promotional messages. Businesses are increasingly using social media sites to reach their clients and appeal to prospects. However, every business should know what to look for in social selling consultants. The following characteristics can help you identify a fake social selling expert.

They do not walk the talk

A great consultant or expert will have a social media account that reflects their knowledge and experience in the field. Their LinkedIn account should feature enough connections, their Facebook account should include a good number of friends, and they should have enough followers on Twitter. Their knowledge and expertise should be evident from their social media accounts and pages.

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Quick Hacks to Create A Kick-Butt Social Selling LinkedIn Profile

Posted by George Irish on May 24, 2016

Planting a garden on rocks.

Driving a car with no gas.

Social selling with a thin and shoddy LinkedIn profile.

All of these actions are time wasters and yield few positive results. While we can't advise you on horticulture, and we aren't automotive experts, we can offer up some quick hacks to create a kick-butt social selling LinkedIn profile.

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How to Use Your Financial Services Website to Generate Leads

Posted by Lindsay Borgen on April 14, 2016

Your website says a lot about your financial institution and is often the first impression your brand makes. Additionally, people are not only critical upon a first viewing, but are also easily distracted. This, however, doesn't mean you have to pander to your audience with gimmicks to get their attention and generate leads. Your financial services website simply needs to convey your professionalism, be easy to navigate and include the right content with calls to action to capture user information. This way, it not only makes a good impression, but also generates warm leads who feel comfortable providing their information. Below are some of the best improvements to make to your financial services website to help generate leads for your sales team.

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Wearing White Before Easter: Social Selling Faux Pas to Avoid

Posted by George Irish on April 12, 2016



Rules are set for almost every endeavor, whether fashion, "don't wear white before Easter," hygiene "brush twice a day," or driving, "stay within the speed limit." Perimeters like these are generally set as guideposts to create overall successful.

Social selling has rules, too, but there's a problem. Because it's almost brand new, many sales professionals don't understand how to act and what actions are acceptable. While companies can bring about powerful results by engaging in social selling, key points must be followed for maximum benefit. Here are seven faux pas to avoid with social selling.

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Selling With Your Ears: The Art of Social Listening

Posted by George Irish on April 4, 2016

Sales people frequently opt for talking about their processes, tweeting about their products, and blogging about their expertise. While all of these messages offer good points, to really be successful at selling, we must close our mouths, perk up our ears, and hear what our audience is saying.

Social listening is key to pinpointing our hot prospects and turning them into leads, then customers. Social listening is the act of identifying opportunities to gain the attention of buyers who are experiencing pain points that need to be addressed, unhappy with their current vendor, or ready to make a purchase. Successful social listening leads prospects away from your competitors by showing your what they seek, and the kind of experience they expect. 

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