Quick Hacks to Create A Kick-Butt Social Selling LinkedIn Profile

Posted by George Irish on May 24, 2016

Planting a garden on rocks.

Driving a car with no gas.

Social selling with a thin and shoddy LinkedIn profile.

All of these actions are time wasters and yield few positive results. While we can't advise you on horticulture, and we aren't automotive experts, we can offer up some quick hacks to create a kick-butt social selling LinkedIn profile.

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Don't Think Social Selling Reaches Your Audience? Time to Reconsider.

Posted by George Irish on May 17, 2016

Social selling sounds hip and technical, and it turns some marketers off. After all, if your target buyer is older and  less inclined to immerse themselves in social media, social selling is not going to return results to  you, right?

This thinking is far from the reality.

The fact is, your company should be using social selling no matter how old your buyer persona. Let us take a minute to convince you.

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Five Ways to Use Social Selling Amplify Bank Lead Generation Efforts

Posted by George Irish on November 17, 2015

Financial institutions deal with stiff competition, both locally and through online channels. It's critical for savvy banking decision makers to forge into new avenues of connecting with and attracting new clients, while simultaneously retaining their current customer base.

These goals take more than simple fliers sitting in the lobby or a few local commercials. We are talking about a strategic social selling strategy. If your institution wants to experience greater bank lead generation, utilize these five social selling tips to amplify efforts and create powerfully profitable results.

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Essential Digital Bank Marketing Ideas

Posted by Lindsay Borgen on February 19, 2015

The banking industry is evolving rapidly in the information age, but many banks are behind the times when it comes to their marketing strategy. New customers rarely just walk in the door at a branch office these days. Instead, they scour the web looking for the information they need and new banking opportunities. Consequently, creating a quality web presence is crucial for banks. Below are three essential digital bank marketing ideas and techniques that every bank should be utilizing.

Social Media

Social media has quickly become an effective way for businesses to reach out to and communicate with potential customers. Consumers are absolutely bombarded by advertisements every day, so it's difficult for traditional media such as TV and radio ads to leave a lasting mark.

Social media works differently than traditional advertising. Advertising on social media platforms leverages users existing social connections to add credibility to the message. When somebody looking for a new home loan or a savings account sees that five of their friends like and trust a particular bank, it has a lot more impact than a 30-second TV spot.

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Bank Local Marketing Strategies

Posted by Lindsay Borgen on February 4, 2015

Bank local marketing strategies are often used by community banks to entice the local marketing to engage with their organization and become loyal customers. With so many banking institutions available, bank local marketing strategies need to be executed at the level that works best for people in your specific community. Below are some methods community banks can employ to capitalize on the local marketing trend.

Bundling Products & Offering Discounted Rates

When a bank bundles products together, such as getting a free savings account when opening a checking account, customers are more inclined to bring their business to your bank because they see a value for themselves. Additionally, offering a discounted loan interest rate when signing up for a bank product is also a great way to make members of the community feel valued. Advertising these types of deals through local media channels can help attract the local demographic.

Becoming Active in the Community

One of the best and most effective bank local marketing strategies is becoming active in the community. Banks that get involved in community initiatives such as hosting food drives, donating and volunteering with charities, being present at town events and advertising in local program books will generate community interest in their brand as well as gain the respect of community members. This type of engagement with your local community can be more effective than push marketing and can lead to a greater ROI on your marketing budget.

Using Technology

People are more apt to use a bank where they have the option of handling their transactions online, at their convenience. Community banks with responsive websites that can be viewed and easily navigated on any device will be more valuable to local customers. In addition, having a mobile app that customers can download will also make your bank attractive to customers.

Partnering With Other Businesses

When banks pair up with other businesses within the community to organize fundraisers or events, they will benefit by gaining exposure in the local community. Community banks and their business partners will mutually benefit from organizing a fundraiser or event together; and costs and time spent planning can be split between the organizations.

Employing bank local marketing strategies and becoming an active part of your local community can help increase the ROI of your marketing efforts. For more information about how to prove the marketing ROI of your marketing campaigns, download our free eBook today!

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