What Do You Need to Have the Best Financial Website Design?

Posted by Lindsay Borgen on May 10, 2017

Today, customers are constantly connected to the internet through their laptops, tablets, and smart phones.  According to Time Magazine, a website has approximately 15 seconds to engage a visitor. If you want to capture a potential customer’s attention, you need to ensure that your financial website creates a good first impression.

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Get the Best Financial Website Design by Knowing What You Need

Posted by Lindsay Borgen on October 14, 2016
The Best Financial Website Design
A strategy defining the goals of a financial institution website is an important value creation tool that is beneficial to its stakeholders. Financial institution website designs are most effective when they identify your company brand and unique voice while reflecting a responsive relationship with your customer base. Research and consultation in the areas of employees, sales, web editing, management, and marketing, is necessary to create the most well-informed design decisions.
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How to Use Your Financial Services Website to Generate Leads

Posted by Lindsay Borgen on April 14, 2016

Your website says a lot about your financial institution and is often the first impression your brand makes. Additionally, people are not only critical upon a first viewing, but are also easily distracted. This, however, doesn't mean you have to pander to your audience with gimmicks to get their attention and generate leads. Your financial services website simply needs to convey your professionalism, be easy to navigate and include the right content with calls to action to capture user information. This way, it not only makes a good impression, but also generates warm leads who feel comfortable providing their information. Below are some of the best improvements to make to your financial services website to help generate leads for your sales team.

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5 Bank Website Design Flaws that are Costing You Customers

Posted by Lindsay Borgen on February 25, 2016

Bank websites are the gateway to happy, informed customers. Smartly designed websites function as a top sales person by reaching wide audiences, answering questions, and guiding users to solutions to their pain points. Dull, complicated sites, on the other hand, can turn customers into irritated former customers who find another bank.

Yes, website design is THAT important.

Here are five significant flaws that may be present in your current bank website design, causing you to lose customers even as you read this!

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Why Use Financial Web Design Service Firms?

Posted by Lindsay Borgen on February 4, 2016

We're sitting right in the middle of the Internet's Golden Age, the process by which the world's customers transition from using traditional communication to using the Internet near-exclusively to study companies and make purchase decisions. The statistics at every turn paint the importance of a strong business website: online purchases will account for a full 50% of all buyers by the end of the decade, while 9 out of 10 buyers use the Internet to research their decision prior to purchase. As such, when designing a financial website, it's pivotal to design and launch every page in order to best serve user experience and your market niche. How do the right financial web design services help your site achieve better customer interaction and retention?

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