How to Identify Fake Social Selling Consultants

Posted by George Irish on March 16, 2017

With the advent of social media platforms, social selling emerged as one of the strategies for carrying promotional messages. Businesses are increasingly using social media sites to reach their clients and appeal to prospects. However, every business should know what to look for in social selling consultants. The following characteristics can help you identify a fake social selling expert.

They do not walk the talk

A great consultant or expert will have a social media account that reflects their knowledge and experience in the field. Their LinkedIn account should feature enough connections, their Facebook account should include a good number of friends, and they should have enough followers on Twitter. Their knowledge and expertise should be evident from their social media accounts and pages.

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4 Key Ways to Reach Your Goals with Social Selling

Posted by George Irish on January 30, 2017


Social selling is a powerhouse in today's purchasing environment. More decision makers than ever before are researching their purchases and making connections on social media platforms. Companies without a social media presence are missing out on valuable opportunities.

Done right, social selling allows companies to reap great rewards. Strategically set your social selling initiatives up so that your company reaches and surpasses its goals. Here are 4 key ways to do it.

#1: Identify opportunity through social listening.

Companies make a detrimental mistake when they fail to listen to their target audience. Outline a consistent plan that monitors the social media platforms where your audience is present. What are their pain points? What questions are they asking? Understanding your targets through their social media chatter gives you a leg up on your less social media-savvy competitors.

#2: Showcase your industry expertise.

People want to work with pros, and that is how your company needs to set itself apart. Take to social media channels to share content such as informative blog posts and educational videos that address your prospects' pain points. Show them you understand, and your company is the best choice to help alleviate their issues.

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Instant Social Selling Tips For Success

Posted by George Irish on December 20, 2016

The rise of social selling has been rapid and well recieved. When used correctly social selling has been proven to be very beneficial and effective for generating high quality leads. It has been a great alternative from the traditional cold emails and telemarketing camapigns many seem to have grown accustomed to. To get the most out of social selling there are minor but crucial tactics that can make or break your efforts. Here are 5 tips to remember when socially selling.

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The 411: Social Selling All Salespeople Need to Understand

Posted by George Irish on October 7, 2016

With hundreds of tasks on their plate and a seemingly unattainable goal over their heads, it's easy to understand why 100-mile-an-hour salespeople don't automatically stop to embrace and learn new ideas. What if it's a waste of time? What if it shows little return on investment (ROI). 

Social selling may seem like such an obstacle. Who has the time to build a profile, share information, and connect with potential buyers? Why would a successful sales person disrupt their groove for something that's unproven?

The answer is because it works. Better. Faster. Smarter.

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Hero or Zero? Social Selling Can Make the Difference

Posted by George Irish on August 25, 2016

Sometimes, selling feels like slogging through endless unproductive calls, ending up with canceled meetings, and getting the run around from decision makers. And let's not even think about the fact that we may as well be the Invisible Man every time we send out an email!

How can your efforts put you at the top of your game, instead of mulling around like a dog who lost his bone? In short, how can we be heroes, instead of zeroes? 

Gather round, because it isn't hard. Social selling is the key. 

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