How to Identify Fake Social Selling Consultants

Posted by George Irish on March 16, 2017

With the advent of social media platforms, social selling emerged as one of the strategies for carrying promotional messages. Businesses are increasingly using social media sites to reach their clients and appeal to prospects. However, every business should know what to look for in social selling consultants. The following characteristics can help you identify a fake social selling expert.

They do not walk the talk

A great consultant or expert will have a social media account that reflects their knowledge and experience in the field. Their LinkedIn account should feature enough connections, their Facebook account should include a good number of friends, and they should have enough followers on Twitter. Their knowledge and expertise should be evident from their social media accounts and pages.

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Four Ways You Have Already Been Social Selling on LinkedIn

Posted by George Irish on July 14, 2016

When sales people hear "social selling" some of them immediately dread learning something new, which, in their minds, may or may not work. Before you pooh-pooh social selling LinkedIn, you need to consider you may already be using social selling tools to sell!

What? How did these process sneak it's way in? Read on for four ways you have most likely already been social selling.

You have a LinkedIn profile.

Chances are great you already created a profile. Participating in LinkedIn is embracing social selling, even if you didn't know it.

How to get more out of it? Ramp up your efforts by adding a killer professional photograph, searching every so often for targeted leads, and finding a common ground to approach and connect with them.

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5 Ridiculously Easy Ways to Build Your Social Selling Profile

Posted by George Irish on June 30, 2016

It's a fact that more people than ever are beginning their buying journey on social media. If you aren't participating in social selling, you are missing out on opportunities to create profitable, long-term relationships with clients.

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Quick Hacks to Create A Kick-Butt Social Selling LinkedIn Profile

Posted by George Irish on May 24, 2016

Planting a garden on rocks.

Driving a car with no gas.

Social selling with a thin and shoddy LinkedIn profile.

All of these actions are time wasters and yield few positive results. While we can't advise you on horticulture, and we aren't automotive experts, we can offer up some quick hacks to create a kick-butt social selling LinkedIn profile.

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