Understanding IP Targeting Basics: Easy as 1-2-3

Posted by George Irish on October 19, 2016


Successful marketing demands that the product or service be located in the right place. In fact, that's one of the 4 P's of the marketing concept. Traditional marketer advertising efforts struggled with getting their message to their preferred audience, and considered reaching a small percentage of potential customers a victory. For example, a billboard may reach tens of thousands of people, but the message may only be relevant for a few dozen.

With the evolution of digital marketing, IP targeting is now an integral tool to secure your product's place. Clever marketers understand and commit time to making sure this comes to fruition.

Understanding the important of Internet Protocol (IP) targeting, how it benefits your company, and the potential ethical concerns are as easy as 1-2-3.

1: What is it?

Each computer connects to the Internet via an IP address. IP Targeting is a way for companies to pinpoint an individual's IP address. The company can then collect information based on the person's online behavior, and leverage it to specifically target that person with their advertising efforts. 

2: Why does it matter?

Never before has advertising been able to be as specific and personalized to an individual as with IP targeting. Armed with more information about their prospect than ever, due to the ability to track online interests through the IP address, companies are better able to create a unique message that speaks directly to the potential consumer. Businesses can then get in front of their targets through banner ads, frequently on the websites that the consumer visits. In addition, this type of advertising is not only enticingly targeted, it is fairly inexpensive, and offers a high return on investment (ROI).

3: What are the main concerns?

Personal privacy issues rear their heads, especially with the web still being somewhat of a Wild, Wild West environment with few regulations. Being able to gather information through an individual's IP address, which they most likely believe to be private, puts off many people, and raises the ethical battle of commerce vs. privacy rights. Starting with an identified targeted group that is receptive to your offer alleviates this issue.

With this practice is in its infancy stage, we are bound to see strong actions with powerful results from IP targeting marketing. It brings marketing professionals a viable way to identify and collect information never before garnered through other marketing channels, and helps connect with buyers in a concise manner, at a reasonable cost. It's safe to say the practice of IP targeting, with all of its benefits, is here to stay.

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