Ways to Use Content While Social Selling

Posted by George Irish on January 9, 2017


When people are thinking about buying a product, even if their question or concern has been covered and answered in the past, they want to feel like they are the only person with that special concern.  And that's okay!  WIth social selling it is important to create an individual, unique conversation with each potential buyer.  This shows that the sale is less about the product, and more about the relationship.   As explained earlier, having a relationship with a person you know and trust is more than half the battle in completing a successful sale.  So how is this accomplished?  

Create a conversation by opening a platform where people can freely discuss questions, thoughts, and ideas.  Perhaps start a Facebook group that is targeted for people with similar interests to the product you are selling.  Or, try to use a LinkedIn search of your current clients that will show what groups they may belong to.   Twitter can also be used to see what questions people are asking and what concerns they are discussing.  

To be part of the general conversation, you need to understand that sales in itself is a two-way street, and it cannot be filled with one hard-sell after another.  The more you are able to listen in these social forums the more you are able to learn.  By listening to each individual client, making them feel unique and attended to, and gathering all of the information before a response, you are able to build your own credibility and trustworthiness, and thus make social selling successful for your business.

It is important to remember that content created to assist the client does not have to be pre-fabricated content.  It can be a live, working document.  The more you interact with potential clients and provide answers to their questions in a live format, the more other potential customers will see these interactions.  This is the great advantage of social selling.  Furthermore, having already existing content available to help prove or explain a point is great to be able to further help customers along the way.  As a completely new client coming to a social media platform and seeing a posted dialogue  between the salesman and the customer that exhibits thought, caring, understanding, and valuable answers is the best kind of content you can hope for.  This "living" social content is a first hand account of how you and your company operates and will help increase sales through social selling.  

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