What Types of Bank Marketing Does It Take to Reach Millennials?

Posted by Dolores Gonsalves-Irish on November 19, 2014

Attracting and maintaining customers is an ongoing task, especially for banks. With so many options out there, the strategy of your bank marketing must provide appealing reasons to stay with the same bank. This has never been truer than with the Millennials, who have very specific expectations for what a bank must provide. Here are some tips on services and marketing messaging to reach this generation of banking clients.

Advertising Content with Value

The visuals and the text used with any bank marketing materials must be direct and to the point. This is true for advertising in print publications; however, is especially true for online advertising. Keep graphics relevant to the target audience by using images that they can easily relate to, such as using people their age and not necessarily couples. Reinforce the impact of those images with content that is straight forward and not too wordy. Millennials value their time and have more important things to do than read through a lot of advertising copy. If the ad makes the point in five seconds or less, you have a winner.


Back Up your Marketing with Services Millennials Want

Even the greatest ad copy will be worthless without desirable services and support to back it up. Access to account information, the ability to transfer funds easily, and even the tools to set up new accounts from a mobile device are essentials. Millennials want their hands on the information and services they need without them having to walk into a bank.

A mobile site that moves quickly and with ease is essential. If the customer can pay bills, check balances, and do everything he or she wants with a handheld device, the odds of earning and keeping that customer are greatly increased.

Customer Support - All the Time

Marketing ROI for financial institutions increases when they meet Millennials where they gather. That means participating in and interacting with customers on the top social networking sites, and having the ability to provide help via texts and online chats. A bank that provides constant access to customer service without having to go to the bank will go a long way in building and maintaining customer loyalty.

Millennials want solutions that are efficient and readily accessible. Build your bank marketing strategy around this logic, and you will be able to draw in the Millennial demographic and increase your marketing ROI.

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Marketing ROI for financial Institutions

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