Which Will Boost Your Revenue? Demand Gen or Inbound Lead Generation

Posted by George Irish on June 18, 2015


As a professional digital agency Boston, we understand seasoned CMOs strive to stay on the cutting edge of marketing trends. Being aware of the new strategies to increase interest and gain sales helps marketers stay at the top of the game.

Demand generation and inbound lead generation are two strategies that are enjoying current popularity in today's marketplace. But which one should marketers expend their precious time and budget on?

Before that question can be answered, we should look at 3 considerations.

First, what exactly is the difference between demand generation and inbound lead generation?

Demand generation is a beat-the-bushes approach, which is not a new concept. Demand generation initiatives are versions of the 'cold call', such as email blasts and buying prospect lists, for example.
Inbound lead generation is a breadcrumb-trail-to-you approach. These initiatives are newer to the marketplace, and revolve around creating valuable, informative content and then sharing it across channels that end up bringing the leads to you.

Then, we must ask which concept better fits our business model?

The good news is, marketing teams are not required to take an either/or approach. Demand generation and inbound lead generation can be blended together into the overall marketing strategy. Keep in mind, the current trend is focusing more on inbound approaches to generate leads. That, as well as the fact inbound marketing is less expensive than traditional demand generation methods, should convince smart marketers to spend significant time creating and building that portion of the campaign.

Finally, what do these initiatives mean to your business?

The marketing team needs to be prepared for the shift of focus to inbound lead generation. By focusing on inbound content, the marketing team can increase the marketing budget's ROI, provide a larger amount of qualified B2B leads to sales, and directly impact the bottom line in a positive way. And that will make the C-suite very happy indeed!

Note: As a digital agency Boston, we can assist in developing and executing new marketing initiatives. 

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