Who's Crushing it? Top Ten Social Selling Influencers on LinkedIn

Posted by George Irish on July 26, 2016


Social selling is a formidable tool to connect with potential buyers and end up with more closed business. Whether you have been working on your social selling game, or are just considering jumping into it, here are ten social selling powerhouses that are crushing it.

#1: Koka Sexton. Working for LinkedIn in their social media has allowed Sexton to develop and finely hone his social selling skills.

#2: Barbara Giamanco. Barb is an entertaining, experienced speaker who helps her sales audiences understand how to connect with and engage with social media.

#3: Mark Shaefer. As an eCommerce master and a world renowned blogger, Mark's blogs and social selling books are informative and helpful in upping your social selling initiatives.

#4: Jill Konrath. Jill is one of the most well-established people in the sales expertise arena, and is an author of multiple sales books on using social media to gain success.

#5: Kim Garst. Kim is ranked as one of Forbes' Top 10 Social Media influencers with good reason. She is an author, speaker, and user of all things social, and understands the intricate workings of social selling.

#6: Kurt Shaver. Early years working for a start up molded Kurt into a social selling ninja. He currently works with B2B companies to assist them in achieving their social selling goals.

#7: Jill Rowley. Called the "social selling evangelist," Jill is a sought after speaker, and her talks help spark change in traditional salespeople.

#8: Lindsey Boggs. A top sales professional and social selling expert, Lindsey is one of the best at executing lead generation. She attributes her success to her social selling ability.

#9: Jeff Molander. Jeff is a social selling guru who follows a process-oriented approach that gets amazing results. He helps good closers get more doors open in less time by understanding and properly utilizing the many social selling tools at their disposal.

#10: Timothy Hughes. Last, but definitely not least. Author, speaker, and storyteller, Mr. Hughes was ranked as the #1 social selling influencer on Onalytica's Social Selling 2016 list of Influencers.

These are the top social selling giants, but they haven't leveraged social selling in any way that is proprietary. Up your social selling game by following these people, studying them, and emulating them. Then, one day, the social selling expert will be YOU.


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