Why Inbound Recruitment Strategies Win The Race Against Staffing Agencies for Snagging "A" Players

Posted by Dolores Gonsalves on April 24, 2015


Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines!

Most of today's industries face stiff competition for the best job candidates to fill positions created from turnover, business growth, or Boomers' retirement. Bringing top notch employees on board is essential to businesses that want to stay fresh and innovative. Companies must win against their competition and attract the top talent. Are expensive staffing agencies the best route?

That's a big nope. While staffing agencies fill a need, there is a more productive, less expensive way to woo candidates. It's your old friend, inbound marketing!

Buckle your seat belts, because we are going to discuss 5 ways inbound recruitment strategies win the race against staffing agencies for snagging "A" players.

Inbound Recruitment Strategies:

appeal to a larger audience. Staffing agencies' primary pool of applicants are looking for jobs, when your perfect recruit may not be searching. A content strategy that entices the employee will bring you more candidates than hiring through staffing agencies.

build fans. Do staffing agencies make the candidate love you? No, but creative, valuable content can. Score another lap for inbound recruitment strategies! (Are you cheering yet?)

give a more enticing view. According to Forbes, one of the biggest reasons workers changed jobs in 2013 was to ensure job stability. Inbound recruitment content shows the company culture, outlook, and job stability. Staffing agencies don't deliver that type of insight to the applicant.

race for the long haul. Staffing agencies tend to be small picture, focused on filing the position. Inbound recruiting aims at hiring long-term employees who fit with company culture and bring a vibrant mind. Hiring with the overall company goals in mind helps maintain and even boost productive growth initiatives.

offer up a score. As with inbound marketing campaigns, inbound recruiting strategies provide analytics that show what actions worked and which ones stalled at the starting line. Tracking where your audience finds your content and how many convert to applicants allows the company to improve on recruiting. As time goes by, running the campaigns will be easier and less time consuming because of a consistent analytics review. It never gets any easier with staffing agencies.

The post-recession work force is a different animal, and companies must change their recruiting tactics if they want to hire "A" players. Inbound recruiting is the tool that will help businesses win the hiring race.

Now stomp on the gas and go get that top talent!

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