Worried About the Monthly Commitment HubSpot Requires? Read This!

Posted by George Irish on August 20, 2015


As a savvy marketing professional, you are constantly watching the ever changing landscape of successful marketing and making changes and additions to your overall marketing plan. This keeps marketing initiatives barreling forward successfully and efficiently.

You may be considering implementing HubSpot into your marketing plan, or have done so already. While the system offers fantastic options for executing inbound initiatives and converting leads, the monthly commitment HubSpot requires is significant.

Here are four of the time consuming requirements marketers need to commit to in order for HubSpot to show ROI.

Consistent content creation and distribution. A sizable chunk of the monthly commitment HubSpot entails is planning what to write about, writing, and distributing what your wrote. However, skipping this step tanks any and all marketing plans. If your team lacks the time to handle content, your best bet is to hire a professional B2B marketing agency to execute this portion of the plan for you.

Robust calls-to-actions and landing pages. These are crucial points to get right in order to convert leads and move them through the buyer's journey. Taking the time to understand how to create clear and enticing calls to action and powerful landing pages is integral if you want to see significant ROI. Lacking the time ends up decreasing the results.

Understanding the needs of the buyer. Targeting the specific buyer that needs your product or service puts you miles ahead in the selling game. However, understanding your prospects and clients takes time. Marketing teams that are too busy with other projects to properly map this out will miss valuable connections with their leads. A professional inbound agency is helpful in this situation to assist in identifying the targets.

In-depth review of analytics. Some marketers decide to not use or suspend HubSpot because they cannot commit to review of the analytics. While digesting how the campaigns perform is time-consuming, no other aspect of inbound marketing is more important. Studying the analytics shows what is working and which areas need to be tweaked. Consistent review is key to a campaign's success.

Before you decide against or suspend HubSpot due to the commitment of time it requires, consider hiring an experienced inbound marketing agency to handle it for you. Enjoy greater audience engagement, larger numbers of lead conversion, and shorter sales cycles, all without adding any extra workload to your current employees.

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