Your Content Strategy Hinges on Your Blog Platform. Hubspot vs Wordpress

Posted by George Irish on September 17, 2015

HubSpot vs WordPress

Pressure to "get content right" rests on marketing's shoulders, and the brunt of that is choosing the best blogging platform. After all, your blogs are the gateway for your audience to be introduced to your brand, what you offer, and hopefully the tool that leads them to other forms of gated content.

So how do you know which platform to use? When it comes to Hubspot vs Wordpress, here are five guidelines for choosing, with Hubspot being the clear champion:

#1: Increased integrations. Hubspot integrates with a variety of other tools that make for a powerful, far reaching blogging platform. Wordpress offers some integrations, but short of Hubspot's connection with CRMs, social media platforms, and other valuable marketing integrations that you can use to reach your potential clients.

#2: More personalized landing pages. Hubspot provides a wide variety of ways to personalize landing pages that entice your audience to complete your forms. These simple tools can have dynamically created landing pages up and running in minutes, while Wordpress only offers a few standard landing pages and requires time consuming work on the back end.

#3: Exemplary SEO tools. With SEO the make or break it  for driving traffic, Hubspot designed their system to guide their users in building rich keyword content. Even beginners are able to write content that grabs the attention of the big search engines and achieves high search rankings. Wordpress offers little in the way of SEO guidance.

#4: More mobile friendly. Mobile is the name of the game right now, and is only going to grow in importance in the next few years. Content that can't be digested via a smartphone or tablet, is, well, pretty worthless. Hubspot's platform allows businesses to build webpages, blogs, and landing pages that are completely mobile-friendly.

#5: More robust analytical tools. Being able to accurately define metrics is integral for marketing to understand which objetives perform well and which ones don't. Hubspot gives users the ability to run tons of informative, easy to read reports that measure performance. Wordpress misses the mark by only offering the most rudimentary measurements.

If you don't want to be left behind in the content marketing race, partnering with the right blogging platform is crucial. Hubspot helps their clients understand the possibilities of a complete inbound objective, and gives them the tools to execute and measure the initiative's performance. Choose the clear winner, and reap the rewards. Hubspot vs Wordpress... HubSpot wins.

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